Highlights from the Subcommittees I-IV meeting and the Joint Subcommittees I-IV meeting on 23 April 2013

Published 24-04-2013
The Subcommittees I-IV met yesterday with the European External Action Service (EEAS) and discussed the state of play of acts being considered for incorporation into the EEA Agreement, parliamentary procedures for adopted EEA Joint Committee Decisions and a number of draft EEA Joint Committee Decisions currently under discussion with the EU.

The Subcommittees noted two EEA EFTA comments. The first one on the proposal for a Regulation on identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the Internal Market. The second EEA EFTA comment concerned the proposal for a Regulation on occurrence reporting in civil aviation.

Issues discussed at the internal Subcommittees I-IV meeting were e.g. acts to be discussed with the EEAS in the joint meeting, the Multiannual Financial Framework and a draft EEA Comment on the Single Market Act I and II.

The next meetings of Subcommittees I-IV and Joint Subcommittees I-IV are scheduled to take place on Monday 3 June 2013 in Brussels.

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