Highlights of Subcommittees I-IV meeting 16 May 2011 – EU Flagship Initiatives, the Single Market Act

Published 18-05-2011
The Subcommittees continued discussions on the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade System, the EU 2020 Flagship Initiatives, the Single Market Act and Comitology.

The Secretariat presented its assessment of the seven flagship initiatives under the Europe 2020 Strategy, which are the Digital Agenda for Europe, Innovation Union, Youth on the Move, Resource Efficient Europe, an industrial policy for the globalisation era, an agenda for new skills and jobs, and the European Platform against Poverty. These broad cross-cutting actions will be important for the EEA EFTA States to follow in the coming years.

The Secretariat provided the members of the Subcommittees with an update on the Single Market Act. The Communication that was published on 12 April 2011 narrows the 50 original priorities down to 12 by concentrating on stimulating growth and boosting citizens.

The Subcommittees further discussed a number of issues related to legislation under preparation for incorporation into the EEA Agreement, such as the third legislative package for the internal energy market, the draft Joint Committee Decision on test measures under the REACH Regulation, the Deposit Guarantee Scheme, the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, the revised Telecom Package, the European Aviation Safety Agency, the new social security coordination rules and the new European financial supervisory authorities.

In the Joint Subcommittee meeting, the Commission took note of two EEA EFTA Comments, the first on the future programmes in the field of education and youth and the second on the Communication on early Childhood Education and Care. The Commission also presented the 12 initiatives under the Single Market Act that aim at boosting growth and jobs, and connecting the Single Market with its citizens. The Commission expects the Council to adopt conclusions on the Act, which they hope will give a political incentive to boost the Internal Market.

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