Highlights from Subcommittees I-IV and Joint Subcommittees I-IV meetings on 18 October 2011

Published 19-10-2011
Delegates were given a presentation on the Multi­annual Financial Framework 2014-2020, with a particular focus on the impact of the proposed financial framework for the EEA EFTA States in terms of budgetary procedures and economic contributions, as well as programme participation and national experts.

In response to the reports from the last Standing and Joint EEA Committee meetings, the delegations were pleased to note that the contributions made by the EFTA Secretariat to the Standardisation Package had been appreciated by the European Commission.

Concerning legislative acts currently under consideration by the EFTA side, the delegations discussed the Regulations establishing the three Financial Supervisory Authorities and the European Systemic Risk Board, and the revised Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) along with related acts. They also discussed the Third Legislative Energy Package and the Community Legal Framework for a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC).

In the afternoon, the Subcommittees met with the European External Actions Service (EEAS) and discussed numerous legislative acts. In addition, the EEAS took note of the EEA EFTA Comment on the White Paper “Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system”, as well as the Comment on the Green Paper on Modernising the Professional Qualifications Directive and the Consultation on the Feasibility Study carried out by the Expert Group on European Contract Law.

The next meetings of Subcommittees I-IV and Joint Subcommittees I-IV are scheduled to take place on Monday 28 November 2011 in Brussels.

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