Highlights of Subcommittees I-IV Meeting 14 June 2011 – The EU Standardisation Package, and EU initiatives under preparation

Published 15-06-2011
The Subcommittees discussed the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade System, EEA EFTA participation in EU Agencies and Comitology.

The Secretariat presented updated information on numerous initiatives which are under preparation on the EU side and which are of particular importance to the EEA EFTA States, such as the proposals on the Internal Energy Market, Intellectual Property Rights, the revision of the Deposit Guarantee Scheme, GMOs, Public Procurement and Consumer Rights. A main issue which the Subcommittees will also follow up on is the participation of the EEA EFTA States in the new EU Programmes starting in 2014.

The Subcommittees further continued discussions on issues related to legislation under preparation for incorporation into the EEA Agreement, such as the third legislative package for the internal energy market, the draft JCD on test measures under the REACH regulation, the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, the revised Telecom Package, the European Aviation Safety Agency, the new social security coordination rules and the new European Financial Supervisory Authorities.

In the Joint Subcommittee meeting, the Commission presented the new standardisation package which was issued on 1 June 2011. This package plays an important part in supporting the Europe 2020 Strategy, and standardisation is also among the twelve key priority actions to be adopted by the EU institutions before the end of 2012 as set out in the recently published communication, the Single Market Act. The Commission underlined in its presentation the valuable input provided by EFTA in the process leading up to the publication of the package. The Commission furthermore took note of the EEA EFTA Comments on the public consultation on a possible successor to PROGRESS 2007-2013.

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