High-speed mobile service directive extended to the EEA

Published 02-12-2011
The EEA Joint Committee decided on 1 December 2011 to incorporate a European directive concerning frequen­cy bands for third-generation (3G) mobile networks into the EEA Agreement. The directive brings the current GSM directive from 1987 up to date and also prepares for future 4G networks.

The 2009 directive allows high-speed wireless mobile providers to use the 900 and 1800 MHz frequency bands for services to their clients, in particular for the 3G UMTS technology, but ensures at the same time that the existing GSM system will function as normal. The 900 MHz band provides greater coverage compared to higher frequency bands, and is best suited to regions where greater distances separate clients and base stations. The directive furthermore anticipates the use of future technologies in same frequency bands, such as the fourth generation of mobile services (4G).

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