Framework Directive on Motor Vehicles incorporated

Published 10-02-2012
The EEA EFTA States have decided to incorporate a European Framework Direct­ive on Motor Vehicles aimed at improving the functioning of the Internal Market by simplifying the type-approval procedures and, at the same time, increasing the level of safety and environ­mental protection of motor vehicles. Three related regulations are also incorpo­rated into the EEA Agreement.

A number of devices will be made compulsory, including ABS brake systems, specialised rear-view mirrors and improved light equipment. Measures intended to protect cyclists or pedestrians when hit by a vehicle have also been taken into account. In addition, the Framework has environmentally friendly provisions such as on CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, engine power and smoke from diesel engines.

The Framework covers commercial motor vehicles and their trailers as well as systems, components and separate technical units intended for such vehicles. It introduces a new method generally referred to as the “multi-stage type-approval” - each manufacturer involved in assembling a vehicle will fill in the relevant part of the certificate with information about their work. This process is in line with the principle of total harmonisation of the Internal Market and replaces national procedures.

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