EFTA held a workshop on Certification and Marking

Published 11-06-2008
On 11 June 2008 EFTA, in co-operation with the European Commission and the European Parliament, held a workshop entitled "Certification and marking for Europe." Through presentations from many stakeholders and follow-up discussions, diverging opinions were expressed and views exchanged. The workshop was attended by 100 representatives of important stakeholders.

The Political aim of the Workshop was to make a contribution to the free movement of safe products in Europe. There is a balance to be struck between free movement and the level of certification required.

The intention was not to agree on any “resolutions,” but to have an exchange of information and views. EFTA will produce a paper summing up the experiences and ideas emerging from our project on certification and marking, as EFTA sees it. In doing so EFTA has listened very carefully to what was said in the Workshop. 

The workshop was a follow up on the EFTA Study on Certification and Marks in Europe. For further information on the study, click here.

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