EFTA Standing and EEA Joint Committees meet on 27 and 28 September 2012

Published 28-09-2012
The EFTA Standing Committee and EEA Joint Committee met in Brussels on 27 and 28 September, respectively. Norway was Chair both of the Standing Committee and, on behalf of the EEA EFTA States, of the Joint Committee.

In the Standing Committee, the Icelandic delegation gave a briefing on visits by Commissioner Hahn, Danish Foreign Minister Søvndal and Cypriot Foreign Minister Kozakou-Marcoullis to Iceland, whilst the Norwegian delegation informed the Committee of the recent appointment of Mr Espen Barth Eide as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Attending his first Standing Committee meeting as EFTA Secretary-General, Kristinn Árnason reported on third country relations.

In the Joint Committee meeting, 38 decisions were adopted incorporating 62 legal acts into the EEA Agreement. Two of these decisions, on the Consumer Protection Directive and Roaming on public mobile communications networks within the Union, are described in more detail in a separate news item on this website.

The Icelandic delegation made a statement on the EU Regulation on certain measures in relation to countries allowing non-sustainable fishing for the purpose of the conservation of fish stocks.

The Joint Committee also discussed outstanding legal acts in the EEA Agreement, and the proposal by the Norwegian Government to change customs duties for certain agricultural products.

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Video: EEA Joint Committee meeting 28/09/2012 (Arrivals)

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