EFTA Seminar on the EEA: The role of the EEA in a multi-speed Europe

Published 22-03-2013
Mr Jean-Claude Piris, former Director-General of the Legal Service of the Council of the European Union, was the keynote speaker at EFTA’s seminar on the EEA: The role of the EEA in a multi-speed Europe. The event, which took place at the EFTA Secretariat on 21 March 2013, was attended by approximately 130 participants from both the public and private sectors across the EEA.

Following his speech, Mr Piris participated in a lively panel debate with Oda Helen Sletnes, President of the EFTA Surveillance Authority; Marc Maresceau, Professor of European Law at the University of Gent; Kurt Jäger, Ambassador of Liechtenstein to the EU; and Christa Tobler, Professor of European Law at the Universities of Leiden (NL) and Basel (CH). The debate, moderated by Helge Skaara, Deputy Secretary-General of EFTA, focused on the future challenges faced by the EEA and the EU, and the opportunities created by a multi-speed Europe.

Throughout the morning session, representatives from the EFTA Secretariat, the EFTA Court, the EFTA Surveillance Authority and the Financial Mechanism Office gave presentations on the day-to-day operation and management of the EEA Agreement.

EFTA would like to thank all the speakers and participants for making the seminar a success.

Links to the various presentations can be found below:

Seminar Programme

List of presentations in chronological order:
Tore Grønningsæter (EFTA Secretariat)
Trygve Mellvang-Berg (EFTA Surveillance Authority)
Philipp Speitler (EFTA Court)
Miriam Stackpole Dahl (Financial Mechanism Office)

High-quality images from the EFTA Seminar on the EEA

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