EEA-Lex: tracking incorporation of EU law into the EEA Agreement

Published 27-01-2014
EFTA is launching an interactive service that offers detailed information on the status of EU legal acts under consideration or acts already incorporated into the EEA Agreement.

Since the entry into force of the EEA Agreement 20 years ago, nearly all EU legislation covering the internal market has been extended to Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. In total, more than 9 500 EU directives, regulations and decisions have been part of the Agreement, of which around 5 000 are in force today. At the same time, new acts are under consideration for incorporation.

To enable stakeholders to keep track of the status of adopted EU acts that may become or are already part of the EEA Agreement, EFTA now offers a quick lookup tool on

Based on the EU act's Celex number, EEA-Lex returns information on the EEA status of the act. For incorporated acts, this includes for example the entry into force date, links to the relevant EU act and EEA Joint Committee Decision, and information on whether the act is still in force. EEA-Lex will indicate if an act is under consideration by the EEA EFTA States or if discussions with the EU have started based on a draft EEA Joint Committee Decision.

EEA-Lex uses Celex numbers to retrieve bibliographical data. Other search criteria will be available in future developments of the service.

In the future, EEA-Lex will also include links to the Icelandic and Norwegian translations of incorporated EU acts and their relevant Joint Committee Decisions.      

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