EEA Joint Committee Annual Report 2009

Published 01-04-2010
The EEA Joint Committee Annual Report 2009 was adopted by the Joint Committee by written procedure on 26 March 2010. The main part of the report provides an overview of the work of the EEA Joint Committee in 2009. Annex I comprises a review of the activities of the subcommittees under the EEA Joint Committee, Annex II contains an overview of the state of decision making in 2009 and Annex III presents a list of EEA Joint Committee Decisions (JCDs) adopted by the EEA Joint Committee in 2009.

The EEA Joint Committee met eight times in 2009 and adopted 159 JCDs incorporating 283 legal acts: 32 in the veterinary field and 251 in the non-veterinary field (see Annex II, state of decision making 2009). The EEA EFTA States submitted 11 EEA EFTA Comments.

The Committee adopted several significant decisions in 2009:

• Customs security measures
• 2004 Pharma Package
• Galileo
• Services Directive
• National emission ceilings for certain atmospheric pollutants (NEC Directive)
• European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (the Bilbao Agency)

The report provides in-depth information on the Services Directive, the Food Law Package, the Lisbon Treaty and the EU 2020 Strategy. Please find the EEA Joint Committee Annual Report 2009 through the following link.

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