EEA EFTA Comment on wholesale roaming markets

Published 19-01-2017
On 12 January 2017, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway submitted a joint comment on a European Commission proposal to lower the wholesale caps on international roaming.
In their comment, the EEA EFTA States support the abolition of retail roaming surcharges through the “Roam like at Home” Regulation, and welcome the Commission’s proposal to lower the wholesale caps on international roaming. They believe, however, that as the proposed caps are higher than the assumed underlying cost of providing wholesale roaming services, it is important to bring the price level down to reflect this. 
The EEA EFTA States also point out that the static character of the price caps does not take into account possible efficiency gains and overall volume increases following the introduction of Roam like at Home. By including a glide path setting concrete price cap levels, the regulation would take these developments into account more effectively. 
As a conclusion, the EEA EFTA States encourage the European Parliament and the Council to lower the proposed wholesale caps and to introduce a glide path. 
Read the full EEA EFTA comment here.

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