EEA EFTA Comment on the revision of the Blue Guide

Published 16-11-2012
On 15 November 2012, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway submitted an EEA EFTA Comment to the EU on the Commission’s upcoming revision of the “Blue Guide”, the guide to EU legislation on industrial products. The countries underline that through the EEA Agreement, the internal market is extended to the European Economic Area, which also needs to be reflected in the guide.

The three EEA EFTA States welcome the revision of the Blue Guide, and emphasise three key issues in this context:




  • The EEA EFTA States encourage the use of the term “European Economic Area” when referring to the geographical extension of the internal market for products, as awareness of the extension of the internal market is beneficial for both EU and EEA EFTA businesses and consumers.
  • Furthermore, the EEA EFTA States welcomes the inclusion and most informative placement of a separate section on the EEA Agreement in the future guide, as the Agreement is not a mere international aspect of EU legislation on industrial products. A separate section would reflect the nature and dynamics of the EEA Agreement and the EEA EFTA Technical Barriers to Trade Working Group would offers to give further input to the drafting of such a section.
  • Finally, the EEA EFTA States express appreciation of the current guide’s reference to Protocol 12 of the EEA Agreement, and support the inclusion of such a section in a future guide. A similar reference in the guide’s section on mutual recognition agreements and agreements on conformity assessment and acceptance of industrial products, would also be welcomed.

Click here for the full text of the EEA EFTA Comment.

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