EEA EFTA Comment on the proposal on a Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC)

Published 27-03-2017
On 27 March, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway submitted a joint comment on a European Commission proposal to re-establish the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC).

The BEREC proposal is part of the Commission's proposal package for a revision of the telecom regulatory framework (the “Connectivity Package”).

In their comment, the EEA EFTA States especially welcome the changes proposed to the wording on the participation of third countries in BEREC. The wording in the current BEREC Regulation states that national regulatory authorities (NRAs) from the EEA EFTA States shall have observer status. This has prevented the EEA EFTA States from incorporating the "old" BEREC Regulation into the EEA Agreement, as in the current regulation, the EU side unilaterally decides upon the terms of participation in BEREC, precluding any negotiations on the need for an adaptation text. The proposed new wording by the Commission on the participation of third countries is in line with the standard provision on the participation of EEA EFTA countries in a number of EU acts, and meets the concerns previously raised by the EEA EFTA States.

The EEA EFTA States encourage the European Parliament and the Council to take the same position as the Commission in this regard, and to secure that the new BEREC Regulation lays the groundwork for satisfactory participation by the EEA EFTA States in BEREC. 

What is an EEA EFTA Comment?

One of the ways in which the EEA EFTA States participate in shaping EU legislation is by submitting comments on important policy issues. A typical EEA EFTA Comment provides brief commentary and suggestions regarding Commission initiatives such as green papers or legislative proposals. The comments are endorsed by the Standing Committee of the EFTA States and officially noted by the EEA Joint Committee, after they have been sent to the relevant services in the Commission, the European Parliament and/or the Council.

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