EEA EFTA Comment on Better Regulation

Published 28-09-2015
On 28 September 2015, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway submitted a joint comment on the European Commission’s Communication on Better Regulation for Better Results – An EU Agenda.

The EEA EFTA States welcome the EU’s Better Regulation agenda, which corresponds to ongoing efforts in the EEA EFTA States to cut red tape and create a more business friendly environment, without lowering standards.

In their comment, the EEA EFTA States emphasise the EEA dimension of the Internal Market, noting that a large portion of EU acquis to be adopted under the Better Regulation rules will also be incorporated into the EEA Agreement. Given that citizens and businesses in the EEA EFTA States will generally be subject to the same conditions as their counterparts in the EU, it is important that stakeholders in the EEA EFTA States have the same possibility to contribute to policy making through the EU’s improved consultation processes. Furthermore, allowing the EEA EFTA States to participate in the newly established REFIT Platform would be beneficial to the further development of the Internal Market as a whole and strengthen the competence of the Platform.

EEA EFTA Comment on Better Regulation
Communication on Better Regulation
European Commission Press Release: Better Regulation


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