Draft Single Market Act – the focus of Subcommittees I-IV meeting

Published 01-12-2010
The recently adopted draft Single Market Act was at the top of the agenda when Subcommittees I-IV met on 30 November for their last meeting of this year.

The Secretariat presented the Commission Communication entitled "Towards a Single Market Act – For a highly competitive social market economy", which consists of 50 initiatives aimed at enhancing the functioning of the Internal Market. Since this draft encompasses the core areas of the EEA Agreement, the delegations were pleased to receive this information, which will serve as a basis for further discussion in capitals on the implications of the Act and possible input from the EEA EFTA States. 

The Subcommittees also discussed a number of issues related to legislation under preparation for incorporation into the EEA Agreement such as the legislation on novel food and GM food and feed, the Third Legislative Package for the Internal Energy Market, the use of renewable energy sources, the placing of plant protection products on the market, the Deposit Guarantee Scheme, audiovisual media services, integrated pollution prevention and control, the European Aviation Safety Agency, the new social security coordination rules, the revised Telecom Package, the inclusion of aviation in the scheme for greenhouse gas emission allowance trading, and the new financial supervisory authorities.

The Subcommittees also discussed horizontal issues such as the procedures relating to the incorporation of acquis adopted by the European Union into the EEA Agreement and possible ways of improving and speeding up the process, as well as the ongoing review of the EFTA Working Groups and Expert Groups. It is hoped that this review will be concluded in the coming weeks and will provide a more efficient and streamlined structure.

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