Better coordination of social security systems

Published 01-07-2011
A new regulation on the coordination of social security systems was incorporated into the EEA Agreement on 1 July 2011. Social security coordination rules have been a part of the EEA Agreement from the beginning. The new regulation aims at modernising and improving the coordination of national social security systems which is crucial in order to facilitate the free movement of persons in the EU and thus also in the EEA.

The Regulation will apply to all nationals of an EEA country who are or who have been covered by the social security legislation of one of those countries, as well as to the members of their family and their survivors. According to the principle of equal treatment, EEA nationals have the same rights and obligations as the nationals of the country where they reside. This means that EEA nationals can work, study, travel or retire anywhere in the European Economic Area without missing out on any of their entitlements.

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