36 legal acts incorporated into the EEA Agreement

Published 15-03-2013
Legal acts regarding petrol vapour recovery and an update to the “EU air safety list” were among the EU acts adopted for incorporation into the EEA Agreement at the EEA Joint Committee meeting on 15 March 2013.

A directive on petrol vapour recovery during the refuelling of motor vehicles at service stations was incorporated into the EEA Agreement. The new legislation seeks to ensure that harmful petrol vapour that escapes during the refuelling of cars is captured and recycled using specially fitted equipment. This equipment, which will have to be fitted at many service stations across the European Economic Area (EEA), can recover 85% or more of petrol vapours, including carcinogenic benzene and ozone, one of the air pollutants most damaging to human health and the environment.

The Joint Committee also approved an update of the “EU air safety list”, which is a list of carriers subject to an operating ban or operational restrictions within the European Union. The new list includes air carriers certified in the State of Eritrea while removing restrictions on Mauritian air carriers and the airline Jordan Aviation.

The Joint Committee also took note of legal acts in the food and veterinary fields that were incorporated by simplified procedure.

The EEA Joint Committee, chaired this semester by the EU, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the EEA Agreement. It provides the forum in which views are exchanged and decisions are taken by consensus to incorporate EU legislation into the EEA Agreement.

Full list of adopted legal acts.

Provisional texts of the 18 adopted Joint Committee Decisions.

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