Specific Adaptations



Specific Adaptations



Specific adaptations specify how an individual act shall be read for the purposes of the EEA Agreement. 

Specific adaptations are sometimes made to individual EU acts when they are incorporated into the EEA Agreement. By adopting the JCD containing adaptations, the EFTA States and the EU agree that the EU act concerned is to be read differently for the purposes of the EEA Agreement than it would in a pure EU context.


Depending on the effect pursued, specific adaptations can either set out general rules as to how the EU act as whole shall be read in the EEA context, or they can foresee adjustments to specific provisions of the act.


Specific adaptations are included in the JCD incorporating the respective EU act and reproduced together with the reference to the EU act in the respective Annex or Protocol. The specific adaptation(s) made to an EU act can therefore be found in the respective Annex or Protocol together with the EU act that it/they adapt.


Specific adaptations are introduced by the following sentence immediately following the EU act they adapt:
“The provisions of the [Regulation/Directive/Decision] shall, for the purposes of this Agreement, be read with the following adaptation[s]:”


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