Tourism statistics released for EU and EFTA countries

Published 12-11-2013
A recent Eurostat report shows that the average expenditure per trip was highest for visitors to Iceland (EUR 1 217 per trip in 2010), followed by Norway (EUR 638 per trip in 2007) and Spain (EUR 529 per trip in 2008).

The highest ratio of tourism to total domestic supply was recorded in Switzerland (7.7%), followed by Spain (5.7%) and Iceland (5.0%), demonstrating the importance of tourism in these countries.

The report includes tourism satellite account (TSA) indicators provided by 17 EU Member States, three EFTA States – Iceland, Norway and Switzerland – and two EU candidate countries.

In the 12 countries where data on employment created by tourism were available, tourism provided over ten million jobs. The highest figure was recorded in the United Kingdom (3.2 million jobs in 2009), followed by Germany (2.9 million) and Spain (2.6 million).

For more detailed information, see Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSAs) in Europe

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