Standing and Joint Committee meetings - 28 and 29 January 2010

Published 29-01-2010
The EFTA Standing Committee and EEA Joint Committee met on 28 and 29 January respectively for their first meetings of the year.

This was also the first meeting under the Liechtenstein Chair, who in the Standing Committee presented their work programme for the next six months. One of the key priorities of the programme is to monitor the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty and its implications for the EEA. Other topics include preparations for the new EEA Financial Mechanisms; EEA EFTA participation in the new European Architecture of Financial Supervision and the EU Framework for Crisis Management in the Banking Sector; and the incorporation of the revised Emissions Trading Scheme and the Renewables Directive in the energy sector.

The Standing Committee also discussed the Public Access to EFTA documents – emphasising the importance of transparency in the EEA work – and the preparations for the first meeting of the Forum for Elected Representatives of Local and Regional Authorities.

In the Joint Committee 16 decisions were adopted incorporating 51 legal acts. The Icelandic delegate reported that Iceland would be notifying the provisional application of the Food Law Package as of 1 March 2010, with full entry into force on 1 May 2010.

The Commission provided a briefing on the Europe 2020 Strategy (successor to the Lisbon Strategy), with opportunities for questions. The Commission expressed their appreciation to the EEA EFTA States for jointly submitting two EEA EFTA Comments and to Norway for submitting one Comment on the Europe 2020 Strategy.

Click here for the work programme of the Liechtenstein Chair.

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