New deposit of EFTA archives available for researchers

Published 30-10-2018
This month, a new deposit of EFTA’s historical archives has been made available for researchers at the Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU) in Florence.

A second set of 813 paper files were transferred, treated, inventoried, and made available for research in the HAEU online database and in the Archives’ reading room in Florence.

“HAEU has been an excellent partner and steward of EFTA’s historical record. The files, which are part of a wider collection, shed light on the role EFTA and its Member States have played in the construction of Europe and its economic integration. We are confident that researchers and others will enjoy the multiple insights gained by the increased access," said Pascal Schafhauser, Deputy Secretary-General of EFTA.

Through this second deposit, documents concerning the EFTA Convention, the papers of the Secretariat-General and the Consultative Committee, and the series on the work of EFTA Parliamentarians have been made available for public access.

The first set of files were deposited in 2014, and with the new addition the EFTA archives comprise a total of 1 304 paper files. The EFTA archives span the period from 1959 to 1995, and contain documents covering the establishment, management and operations of the organisation.

The agreement regarding the deposit of EFTA documents that were over 30 years old was approved at the EFTA Council final meeting of 2014. Since 1984, the European University Institute, has been entrusted with the task of receiving, preserving and providing public access to documents from the European institutions through the HAEU.

Access the online inventory of the EFTA Fonds.

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