EFTA publishes Annual Report

Published 06-07-2022
EFTA Annual Report

EFTA’s Annual Report, published July 2022, provides a comprehensive account of the organisation’s activities in 2021. The Report opens with a message from Secretary-General Henri Gétaz and a brief overview of the past year. This is followed by in-depth accounts of EFTA’s main areas of activity.

In his opening message, Secretary-General Henri Gétaz says:

“In 2021, the global pandemic was still imposing its toll on world trade, including with significant disturbances of global supply chains, and it will take some time to return to the pre-crisis situation. It can be reasonably questioned whether the world economy will get back to the kind of globalisation we experienced since the 90s. Trade nationalisms are – if anything – strengthening, and global sourcing raises concerns about procurement security and security in general.

EFTA has an important role to play in this regard, making its ‘raison d’être’ just as important as ever. Despite the continued COVID outbreak, the EFTA Secretariat performed its supporting duties on expanding, updating and developing EFTA’s worldwide network of free trade agreements in 2021. Almost all activities happened virtually, producing results and numerous follow-ups which will lead to more tangible outcomes in 2022.”

The Annual Report is available in electronic format. Download the full report here.


Digitalisation and Communication Manager
Secretary-General's Office

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