EFTA Council meets for the third time under Liechtenstein Chairmanship

Published 15-11-2022
The EFTA Council met in Geneva today for the third meeting under Liechtenstein’s Chairmanship and for the eighth time in 2022.

The EFTA Secretariat reported on current EFTA cooperation projects with the EU, specifically on recent EEA EFTA Subcommittees and Standing Committee meetings. A successful conference on the Future of Financial Services in the EEA was held in EFTA House on 9 November. Preparations for the first EEA Council ever to be held in the EFTA House on 23 November are ongoing.

The Chair of Deputies reported on their meeting of 9 November, during which delegates were, amongst others, informed on the ongoing preparations for the meeting between the EFTA advisory bodies and the EFTA Chair on 22 November 2022 in Brussels.

During the Council meeting, delegates reviewed ongoing third-country processes, namely on the second round of negotiations with Thailand, an upcoming second round of the EFTA Kosovo negotiations and an upcoming fourth round of the EFTA Chile modernisation process on 21 and 24 November.

The Secretariat updated the Council on horizontal issues and provided an update on the Working Groups on SMEs, Trade and Sustainable Development, and FTA Preference Utilisation.

The next Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 13 December 2022.


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