EFTA Council meets in Geneva for the second time in 2023 and the sixth time under Liechtenstein Chairmanship

Published 21-03-2023
The EFTA Council met in Geneva on 21 March 2023

The EFTA Council met in Geneva on 21 March for the sixth meeting under Liechtenstein’s Chairmanship and for the second time in 2023.

Delegates were informed about EFTA-EU relations, including a recent EEA Joint Parliamentary Committee meeting in Strasbourg and an EEA Consultative Committee meeting in Stockholm. Both committees had discussed issues related to the competitiveness and resilience of the Single Market. An EEA Seminar had taken place on 9 March and an EEA Council meeting which was scheduled for 24 May, was being prepared.

The Council received a report from the Chair of Deputies, which met on 14 March.  Technical cooperation projects, third-country processes, and upcoming activities of the EFTA advisory bodies had been discussed.

During the Council meeting, delegates reviewed third-country processes including a possible meeting at ministerial level between EFTA and India and the advancement of negotiations with Malaysia at experts’ level. On Mercosur, meetings with the EU side were discussed and on Moldova, a conclusion of the negotiations could be expected soon.

The Council received information on horizontal issues, in particular on the work of the EFTA working groups on small and medium-sized enterprises, trade and sustainable development, and preference utilisation in free trade agreements.

The next Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 2 May 2023.

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