The EFTA Council discusses relations with partners outside the European Union and the upcoming EFTA Ministerial meeting

Published 04-10-2011
The EFTA Council met for the seventh time in 2011 in Geneva on 4 October 2011 under the chairmanship of Norway, which holds the rotating EFTA chair during the second half of this year. The Council approved amendments to the Vaduz Convention and discussed relations with countries outside the European Union.

The Council amended the Land and Air Transport Annexes of the Vaduz Convention, which regulates relations among the EFTA countries.

With regard to relations with countries outside the European Union, the Council discussed the current state of play in free trade talks with numerous countries. It reviewed the results of the third round of negotiations with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan held in Geneva at the end of August, as well as negotiations with Bosnia-Herzegovina that took place in Sarajevo on 20-22 September. In addition, seven years after the last meeting between EFTA and MERCOSUR under their Declaration of Cooperation, the Council assessed the results of a joint meeting held in Montevideo on 12-13 September.

The Council also discussed arrangements for the Ministerial meeting in Geneva, on 14 November.

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