EFTA Council adopts the budget for 2018

Published 07-12-2017
From left: Adalsteinn Leifsson, Secretary to the Council, Peter Matt, Ambassador of Liechtenstein (Chair), Pascal Schafhauser, Liechtenstein Deputy Permanent Representative.
On 7 December, the tenth and last Council of the year under the Liechtenstein chairmanship took place in Geneva. During the meeting, the Council adopted the EFTA budget for 2018, Iceland presented their priorities for the first half of 2018, and the Council discussed work with regard to expanding and developing the EFTA network of Free Trade Agreements.
The EFTA budget amounts to approximately CHF 23 million and the EFTA Secretariat has operated under a “zero growth” principle for a number of years. Detailed information about the budget can be found here
The EFTA Council is the highest governing body of EFTA. The Council usually meets eight times a year at Ambassadorial level (Heads of Permanent Delegations to EFTA) and twice a year at Ministerial level. In the Council meetings, the delegations consult with one another, negotiate and decide upon policy issues regarding EFTA. Each Member State is represented and decisions are reached through consensus.
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