EFTA Council Chair outlines priorities for first half of 2015

Published 03-02-2015
Liechtenstein, holding the rotating Council Chair for the first six months of the year, presented its priorities at the first EFTA Council meeting of 2015 on 3 February.

Priorities for this semester include finalising accession of Guatemala to the EFTA-Central America Free Trade Agreement, as well as to resume negotiations with India and Indonesia.

A first round of negotiations with the Philippines is scheduled to take place in Manila at the end of March. Work has also started on establishing a timeframe for free trade negotiations with Georgia.

Negotiations with Turkey on a broad revision of the current FTA will continue this semester. It is also hoped that the exploratory process for a future broad revision of the EFTA-Canada FTA could be finalised in view of a possible start of negotiations.

The Liechtenstein Chair aims to sign a joint declaration on cooperation with Ecuador, possibly at the EFTA Ministerial meeting in June this year.

Another objective for the first half of 2015 includes the continuation of the dialogue with the United States and the European Union in the context of the negotiations on a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Finally, the cooperation programme for 2015 between EFTA and Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, was adopted at the meeting. The programme contains training courses and seminars for statisticians from various countries, including the non-European Mediterranean States and several Eastern European countries.

The next Council meeting is scheduled for 26 March 2015.

Priorities during the Liechtenstein EFTA Council Chair - first half 2015

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