EEA EFTA States submit five comments on EU proposals

Published 27-10-2017
The Ambassador of Liechtenstein to Belgium and Head of the Mission of Liechtenstein to the EU, Sabine Monauni, chaired the 218th EEA Joint Committee meeting.
The EFTA Standing Committee and the EEA Joint Committee met in Brussels on 26 and 27 October respectively. The EEA Joint Committee adopted 16 decisions, incorporating 19 legal acts into the EEA Agreement, including directives on transport and technical regulations.

During the Joint Committee meeting, the EEA EFTA States submitted five comments on the following EU proposals: BEREC – the Connectivity Package, ePrivacy, the European Solidarity Corps, the European Accessibility Act and enforcement by competition authorities.

In their latest comment on the proposal for a regulation establishing the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications, the EEA EFTA States especially welcome the changes to the wording on the participation of third countries in BEREC.

They also welcome the proposal concerning the respect for private life and the protection of personal data in electronic communications, underlining the importance of striking the right balance between the protection of consumers and communications on the one hand, and innovation and development of services on the other.

One of the ways in which the EEA EFTA States participate in shaping EU legislation is by submitting comments on important policy issues. A typical EEA EFTA Comment provides commentary and suggestions regarding Commission initiatives such as green papers or legislative proposals. These comments are endorsed by the Standing Committee of the EFTA States and officially noted by the EEA Joint Committee, after they have been sent to the relevant Commission services, the European Parliament and/or the Council.

The Chair of the Joint Committee meeting, Ambassador of Liechtenstein to Belgium and Head of the Mission of Liechtenstein to the EU Ms Sabine Monauni, noted the decrease in the number of legal acts awaiting incorporation.

“We are pleased that the number of outstanding acts has decreased since our last meeting in September. However, this decrease is rather modest, and the current backlog of 559 acts is still one of the largest we have seen in recent years.”

The EEA Joint Committee is responsible for the management of the EEA Agreement and typically meets six to eight times a year. It is a forum in which views are exchanged and decisions are taken by consensus to incorporate EU legislation into the EEA Agreement.

List of EEA Joint Committee Decisions adopted so far in 2017.

Photos from the EFTA Standing Committee and the 218th Joint Committee Meeting. 

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