EEA Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union

A weekly legal gazette containing EEA related texts from EFTA and EU bodies, published in Icelandic and Norwegian (pdf format) on this website. Issues containing Joint Committee Decisions and EU acts incorporated into the EEA Agreement may also be ordered in printed form.

Please note that from 2008, the Icelandic and Norwegian versions of the EEA Supplement are no longer synchronised. Corresponding issue numbers in the Icelandic and Norwegian lists contain translations of the same EEA related texts, but where an issue number appears in the Icelandic list only, no translation is available in Norwegian (and vice versa).

 EEA Supplement 2015 (NO) EEA Supplement 2015 (IS)
 EEA Supplement 2014 (NO) EEA Supplement 2014 (IS)
 EEA Supplement 2013 (NO) EEA Supplement 2013 (IS)
 EEA Supplement 2012 (NO) EEA Supplement 2012 (IS)