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New Senior Management at the EFTA Secretariat

On 1 September new Senior Management took over at the EFTA Secretariat, with Henri Gétaz as Secretary-General. Three new Deputy Secretaries-General also took up their duties; Hege Marie Hoff (Brussels), Pascal Schafhauser (Geneva) and Andri Lúthersson (Brussels).

EEA EFTA Comment on explosives precursors

On 10 August 2018, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway submitted a joint EEA EFTA Comment on the European Commission’s proposal for a Regulation on the marketing and use of explosives precursors. The Comment was addressed to a broad group of relevant, institutional stakeholders including the Council of the EU, the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Trade in Goods and Trading Partners of EFTA Member States 2017

The EFTA Statistical Office (ESO) has published an article on the foreign trade relations of the four EFTA States Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland with its partner countries in the EU and the rest of the world. The article points to the importance of the EU as the most important trading partner of the EFTA States and underlines the sensitivity of the EFTA States to the planned withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU. See the explanatory notes in the bottom for methodological details.