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EFTA and Georgia hold a trade promotion seminar

EFTA and Georgia jointly held a trade promotion seminar on 7 June 2018 in Tbilisi, organised in cooperation with the Georgian Swiss Business Association (GSBA). The EFTA – Georgia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) entered into force for Georgia, Iceland and Norway on 1 September 2017 and for Switzerland and Liechtenstein on 1 May 2018. There is great interest in the new agreement and the seminar was well attended with over 160 participants from private companies and government authorities.

EFTA States and Canada continue exploratory discussions

Delegations from the EFTA States and Canada met on 5 to 6 June 2018 in Ottawa, Canada, to further explore a possible modernisation and expansion of their existing free trade agreement. Ambassador Harald Aspelund from Iceland acted as EFTA Spokesperson, and Mr Louis Marcotte, Director General for Trade in Services, Investment and Intellectual Property, Global Affairs Canada, headed the Canadian delegation.

EEA EFTA Comment on the EU Cybersecurity Agency (ENISA) and the Cybersecurity Act

On 6 June 2018, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein submitted a joint EEA EFTA Comment on the proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) ( the ‘EU Cybersecurity Agency’) and repealing Regulation (EU) 526/2013 , and on the Information and Communication Technology cybersecurity certification (“Cybersecurity Act”) (COM(2017) 477 final).

EEA EFTA Comment on the ‘Goods Package’

On 4 June 2018, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway submitted a joint EEA EFTA Comment on the Goods Package consisting of a proposal for a Regulation on the Mutual Recognition of Goods (COM(2017)796) and a proposal for a Regulation on Compliance and Enforcement (COM(2017)795).

The EEA Joint Committee incorporates 22 EMIR acts

The Standing Committee and the EEA Joint Committee met in Brussels on 31 May. At the Joint Committee meeting, 20 joint committee decisions (JCDs) were adopted incorporating 40 EU legal acts into the EEA Agreement, including a package of 22 level 2 acts related to the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) that was incorporated into the Agreement in 2017.

Seminar on the European Economic Area - Brussels 13 September 2018