Trade Statistics

This section contains annually updated trade statistics for selected trading partners.

For each country, the downloadable file contains information on merchandise trade, trade by commodity and the evolution of trade with the EFTA States.

Country/Grouping  Partnership   Entry into Force[1] Trade Statistics 
World     Download pdf  
Albania  FTA  2010 Download pdf 
Algeria  Neg   Download pdf 
Belarus  Neg   Download pdf 
Bosnia and Herzegovina FTA 2015 Download pdf
Canada  FTA  2009  Download pdf 
Chile FTA  2004  Download pdf 
China[2]      Download pdf 
Colombia  FTA 2011 Download pdf 
Costa Rica FTA 2014 Download pdf
Egypt  FTA 2007  Download pdf 
EU  EEA, CH-Bilateral  1994 (EEA)  Download pdf 
Faroe Islands  FTA[3]  1993 (IS)  Download pdf 
GCC[4]  FTA 2014 Download pdf 
Georgia JDC   Download pdf
Guatemala FTA   Download pdf
Honduras Neg   Download pdf
Hong Kong, China  FTA 2012 Download pdf 
India  Neg   Download pdf 
Indonesia  Neg   Download pdf 
Israel FTA 1993 Download pdf 
Japan[5]     Download pdf 
Jordan FTA 2002 Download pdf 
Kazakhstan  Neg   Download pdf 
Lebanon FTA 2007 Download pdf 
Macedonia FTA 2002 Download pdf 
Malaysia Neg   Download pdf 
Mauritius JDC   Download pdf 
MERCOSUR[6] JDC   Download pdf 
Mexico FTA 2001 Download pdf 
Mongolia JDC   Download pdf 
Montenegro FTA 2012 Download pdf 
Morocco FTA 1999 Download pdf 
Myanmar JDC   Download pdf
Pakistan JDC    Download pdf 
Palestinian Authority FTA 1999 Download pdf 
Panama FTA 2014 Download pdf 
Peru FTA 2011 Download pdf 
Philippines NEG   Download pdf
Republic of Korea FTA 2006 Download pdf 
Russia Neg   Download pdf 
SACU[7] FTA 2008 Download pdf 
Serbia FTA 2010 Download pdf 
Singapore FTA 2003 Download pdf 
Thailand Neg   Download pdf 
Tunisia FTA 2005 Download pdf 
Turkey FTA 1992 Download pdf 
Ukraine FTA 2012 Download pdf 
USA     Download pdf 
Vietnam Neg   Download pdf 


Acronyms and Abbreviations

  • EEA:  European Economic Area
  • FTA:  Free Trade Agreement
  • JDC:  Joint Declaration on Cooperation
  • CH-Bilateral: Swiss Bilateral Agreements with the EU
  • Neg:  Negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement in the EFTA framework are ongoing
  • Expl:  Exploratory talks/feasibility study phase that may lead to negotiations



[1] Indicates the date of entry into force of the agreement for the first EFTA State that ratified it. Dates of entry into force for a given agreement may vary slightly between EFTA States. Note that several agreements foresee dismantling periods for the tariffs of the partner country.

[2] Bilateral FTAs between China and Iceland and China and Switzerland. Entered into force in 2013.

[3] Bilateral Free Trade Agreements between the Faroe Islands and Iceland, Norway and Switzerland respectively.

[4] Gulf Cooperation Council (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates).

[5] Bilateral FTA between Japan and Switzerland. Entered into force in 2009.

[6] Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

[7] Southern African Customs Union (Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland).


Source:  World Trade Atlas/Global Trade Atlas. Trade flows are those recorded as EFTA States' imports and exports.

For the list of member and observer countries to the World Trade Organization (WTO), please go to the WTO website.