2016 figures available in the EFTA Trade Statistics tool

Published: 04-04-2017
Trade between EFTA and the world. Blue: Imports, red: exports, from 2002-2016.
Key trade figures for 2016 are now available in the EFTA Trade Statistics tool. It gives an insight into trade relations with EFTA's third-country trading partners over time and by type of merchandise.

The EFTA Trade Statistics tool gives an overview of trade relations between EFTA and its various trading partners, which includes 38 partners in addition to the EU. The tool provides data on the trade relations between the EFTA States and their trading partners from 2002 - 2016.  It is also possible to compare EFTA as a bloc, or an individual EFTA State.

In addition, the tool allows users to track the type of merchandise traded between EFTA States and partner countries, and to export these data sets to Excel. The layout of the tool has also been improved recently. 


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