Second round of free trade negotiations between EFTA and Hong Kong, China

Published 05-07-2010
Delegations from the EFTA States and Hong Kong, China met for a second round of negotiations on a comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between 29 June and 2 July 2010 in Hong Kong.

The EFTA-Hong Kong negotiations were launched in January 2010. The negotiating groups covered, in particular, trade in goods, rules of origin, trade facilitation, intellectual property rights, trade in services, investment, competition, and legal and institutional issues.

The parties had in-depth discussions and made significant progress in all fields. They agreed to meet again in the second half of August 2010 in Geneva, confirming their intention to complete a broad-based FTA by the end of 2010.

The negotiating teams were led by Mr Christian Etter, Ambassador and Delegate of the Swiss Government for Trade Agreements, on the EFTA side, and Ms Leonia Tai, Deputy Director-General of Trade and Industry, for Hong Kong, China.

In 2008, total merchandise trade between EFTA and Hong Kong reached USD 7.65 billion. Clocks and watches, precious stones, electrical and other machinery were among the main categories of traded goods. Trade in services and foreign direct investment are also significant between the two sides.

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