EFTA and Chile discuss their free trade relations

Published 31-01-2006
At their first meeting since the free trade agreement between the two sides entered into force in 2004, the Joint EFTA-Chile Committee met to discuss various aspects of the agreement.

The Joint Committee adopted several Decisions that will, after their entry into force, further facilitate the trade in goods between the Parties. Moreover, the Parties were considering other issues including trade in services, intellectual property, establishment and government procurement.

The parties agreed on further work to be undertaken with a view to enhancing the agreement in a number of areas.

Ms. Lexy Orosco, Head of the Europe, Middle East and Africa Department, General Directorate of International Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, headed the Chilean Delegation. Mr. Kristinn Árnason, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Iceland to EFTA and the international organisations in Geneva, acted as EFTA Chairman.

According to the EFTA Secretariat's statistical sources, the value of EFTA-Chile merchandise trade amounted to around 284 million USD in 2004, an increase of 23% compared to the previous year. The EFTA States imported goods from Chile worth 108 million USD (up 5% from 2003) and exported goods to Chile worth 176 million USD (up 37% from 2003).

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