EFTA–Chile Joint Committee and Export Promotion Seminar

Published 11-04-2008
Representatives of the EFTA Member States and Chile met in Santiago on 7-8 April 2008 for the second meeting of the Joint Committee under the EFTA-Chile Free Trade Agreement.

The EFTA delegation was headed by Mr Martin Zbinden, Minister, Head of Free Trade Agreements / EFTA Division, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, Switzerland, while Mr André Rebolledo Smitmans, Director of Bilateral Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, acted as the Chilean Chairperson.

The Parties exchanged information about their trade and investment flows and took note of the positive development in bilateral trade since the entry into force of the FTA in 2004. EFTA and Chile have extensive FTA networks, which was discussed during the meeting. The Parties also held talks about recent developments and their revelance for the FTA in industrial goods, agriculture, customs matters, services, investment, intellectual property and government procurement.

Two Decisions on goods (relating to fish and processed agricultural products) where adopted. These Decisions enhance the product coverage and tariff concessions granted under the Agreement.

Export Promotion Seminar

Approximately 200 participants attended the two day seminar on Export Promotion in Santiago on 9 and 10 April. The participants mostly came from the viticulture and agricultural sectors. In addition to the presentations on TBT, SPS, customs, agriculture and how to practically reach the EFTA markets, the Chilean side also participated actively with interventions from customs authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Trade Division (DIRECON).

The participants were very active and a high number of pertinent questions were raised. In informal talks, great satisfaction was expressed with the seminar. DIRECON suggested that the seminar be repeated in other cities in Chile.

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