Icelandic Minister of Social Affairs and Equality meets with EFTA’s Deputy Secretary-General

Published: 10-03-2017
EFTA Deputy Secretary General Dag W. Holter with Icelandic Minister of Social Affairs and EqualityThorsteinn Viglundsson
On 9 March, the Minister of Social Affairs and Equality of Iceland, Thorsteinn Víglundsson, met with EFTA's Deputy Secretary-General Dag W. Holter in Brussels to discuss the role of the EFTA Secretariat and the EEA Agreement

During the meeting, Minister Víglundsson underlined the importance of the EEA Agreement for the EEA EFTA States.

Earlier in the day, Minister Víglundsson had presented the Icelandic Model of an Equal Pay Management System, following an announcement by the Icelandic Government this week that it would bring a piece of legislation before Parliament in March requiring any employer with 25 workers or more to obtain certification that it pays men and women equally for work of equal value.