53 legal acts incorporated into the EEA Agreement

Published 04-04-2014
At its meeting on 4 April 2014, the EEA Joint Committee agreed to adopt ad referendum with the date of 8 April 2014, 53 legal acts including a new regulation of the European Commission on the selection of a symbol for identifying medicinal products for human use that are subject to additional monitoring.

Inverted triangle symbol identifying medicinal products undergoin additional monitoringOnce a medicinal product has been authorised and placed on the market, its safety is monitored throughout its entire lifespan to ensure that, in the case of adverse reactions presenting an unacceptable level of risk under normal conditions of use, it is rapidly withdrawn from the market. This is done through the EU system of pharmacovigilance. An inverted triangle will shortly appear on the inside leaflet of certain medicinal products, allowing patients and healthcare professionals to easily identify medicinal products that are undergoing additional monitoring, The accompanying text will encourage them to report unexpected adverse reactions through national reporting systems.

Also adopted at the meeting was a regulation on the European system of national and regional accounts in the European Union. The overall purpose of the regulation is to revise the ESA 95 standard for national accounts by bringing it more into line with the new economic environment, advances in methodological research and users’ needs.

The Joint Committee, chaired this semester by the European External Action Service, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the EEA Agreement. It provides a forum for the EEA EFTA States and the European Union to exchange views and take decisions by consensus to incorporate EU legislation into the EEA Agreement.

Overview of EEA Joint Committee Decisions adopted on 8 April 2014.

Provisional texts of EEA Joint Committee Decisions adopted in 2014.


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