EFTA Council prepares for Ministerial meeting in Geneva

Published 10-11-2016
From left: Mr Adalsteinn Leifsson, Director, Secretary-Generals Office, EFTA, Mr Högni Kristjánsson, Head of Iceland’s Mission to the International Organizations in Geneva
On 10 November, at the third EFTA Council meeting in 2016 under the chairmanship of Iceland, the Council discussed preparations for the upcoming EFTA Ministerial meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, on 21 November.
In addition, EFTA Secretary-General, Mr Kristinn F. Árnason, briefed the Council on current EFTA-EU cooperation, such as the recent meeting between the EFTA Economic and Finance Ministers and ECOFIN Ministers in Brussels on 8 November. The topic of the meeting, chaired by the Slovak Presidency, was “investment and economic growth”. Both sides underlined the importance of the appropriate policy strategy to strengthen economic growth and employment, with an emphasis on boosting the subdued investments across the continent in the context of moderate economic recovery in Europe. 
The Council also prepared for the EEA Council meeting taking place in Brussels the following week, on 15 November. The Secretary-General provided information on the topic of the orientation debate during this meeting, which would be the Digital Single Market, including the collaborative economy. The Western Balkans, Ukraine/Russia, migration, and the EU Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy would also be covered in the political dialogue at the EEA Council meeting.
Finally, the Council discussed the state of play in free trade negotiations and more generally on relations with the European Union. Mr Högni Kristjánsson, Head of Iceland’s Mission to the International Organizations in Geneva, chaired the meeting.

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